Beginners Guide To Buying Baby Chickens – The Ultimate Guide To Buy Chicks

How to Buy Chicks: A Beginner’s Guide to Buying Chicks

Knowing how to buy small chickens is very important if you want healthy and productive chickens. You have to buy high quality and healthy chickens to get a wonderful and successful poultry farm.
Buying good quality chicks will ensure a healthy flock and your dream of collecting fresh eggs from your chickens that you raised from the chicks. However, here we describe more about how to buy chicks.

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How to buy chicks

Below we briefly describe the steps for buying chicks.

Choose the breed

First of all, you need to choose a breed. Determine which breed you want to have. There are several types of chicken breeds available, and all of them have unique personalities and uses.
Some of these breeds are very good at producing eggs, some are good at producing meat, some are good at both producing meat and producing eggs, and some breeds are very good at raising as pets or for breeding purposes. Screen.
Therefore, first determine your production purpose and choose the right breed. White Livorno, Hyland, Shaver, etc. they are great for egg production.
Wyandotte, Light Sussex, Black Orpington, Barred Plymouth Rock, etc. they are excellent for the production of meat and eggs. Silkie, Asil, Shamo, etc. They are good to keep as pets and for display purposes.

After selecting the breed, contact your local chick supplier and ask which breed is desired. You have to choose a few different breeds, in case you don’t get your first pick.

Hatching eggs or chicks

Determine if you want to have fertile eggs or buy day-old chicks. You can purchase fertile eggs if you have an incubator. And this will save you some money.
But if you don’t have an incubator, you can buy day-old chicks. You can also search your local online classifieds for fertile eggs or day-old chicks.

Prepare the incubator

Prepare the incubator before bringing the bay leaf chicks home. Bring the brood to a temperature of 35 ° F and reduce the temperature at a rate of 5 ° F each week until it reaches room temperature. Keep food and water inside the brood.

Tips for Buying Healthy Chicks

Healthy, good quality chicks do have some signs. Look for the signs mentioned below.

• Healthy chickens generally become active but sleep more than adult chickens.
• The chicks must not be dirty.
• Chicken eyes should be bright and not dull.
• They generally don’t eat or drink all the time. They generally eat and drink occasionally.
• Chicks should not pant or stack on top of each other.

When should you buy baby chicks?

To enjoy the full experience of baby chicks, purchase chicks that are less than two weeks old. At this age, they‘re still mighty fluffy, and very easy to hold, especially for kids. By 3-4 weeks they‘re much taller and more mobile

What is the survival rate of baby chicks?

Chick mortality to 10 days of age was 3.2% for those hatched at the commencement of the hatch, 1.2% for those hatched at peak of hatch and 52.9% for those hatched at the end of hatching. Chicks hatched early were more prone to dehydration while late hatching chicks had a higher incidence of leg weakness
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