Cassava Farming In Zimbabwe – Ultimate Guide On How To Grow Cassava

Cassava cultivating in Zimbabwe has expanded hugely throughout the years with the expanding utilization of cassava items as food things as well as we can get the accompanying from cassava: liquor, glucose, creature feed, dissolvable, compost, and so forth.

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It tends to be developed in any piece of the region so far as there are satisfactory downpour fall and sun sparkle.

Zimbabwe is so preferred commonly and thus, being in the vantage position, happens to be in the bleeding edge in cassava cultivating in Africa.



Here are the means anybody can follow to begin a cassava cultivating business.


Choosing a site is significant because of the diverse soil for various kinds of cassava.

On the off chance that it is at all conceivable, do an achievability study, especially for business cassava cultivating, apparently to recognize the accompanying:

  • Regardless of whether the dirt is directly for the sort of cassava, you need to plant
  • Regardless of whether there are sufficient precipitation and daylight in the territory.
  • The geology of the scene.
  • Check the land for a good soil surface.
  •  Check for vegetation around the land.
  • Check whether the dirt is inclined to bother intrusion.



You can accomplish this in the accompanying manners:

  • The utilization of manure.
  • The utilization excrement.
  • The readiness of edges.
  • The utilization of water system if there isn’t sufficient downpour fall.
  • Be prepared to plant two harvests on the edges, to take out two targets with one shot.



Not all dirt is appropriate for all assortment of cassava stems. You should consider the accompanying variables before you make your determination on the appropriate cassava stems to utilize:

  • Stems that produce great food quality.
  • Stems that produce cassava inside the briefest time conceivable.
  • The stem that can deliver cassava that can keep going for quite a while.
  • Stem that yield cassava that is protected from bothers.
  • Stems that are fitting for the dirt.
  • Stems that develop quickly and are sound.

All things considered, search for the accompanying cassava stems for their fast development and luxuriously yield. TMS 30572, TMS (2) 1425,TMS 92/0326 and a ton of assortment of others.


4. Get readyforr cultivation:

You should apply herbicide (an operator used to decimate or stop plant development) around ten days before land planning.

Planting on edges is constantly suggested, so if it is less expensive to utilize a motorized planting strategy or the utilization of physical work, the cost must be measured. During land planning, it is prescribed to apply a fitting amount of quicklime.


5. Choose when to plant the cassava stem cuttings during the planting season:

Generally, the planting season is around April and reaches out to September/October. Plant cassava stems on edges of normal of 40cm in width and 40-60 cm in tallness of one column, such guides plant care. Besides, We suggest that you apply fertilizer 8-10 weeks in the wake of planting the cassava stems.

You should weed the grass that develops with the cassava stem as when it is fitting to do as such as it helps the cassava stems develop soundly.

 6. Harvesting:

The sign that the cassava is ready for collecting is the point at which the leaves turn yellow in shading and tumbling off from the stem. The principal stage in the collecting exercise is as a matter of first importance to remove the stems of the plant and set them up either available to be purchased or for planting in the following season. One of the benefits of cassava cultivating is that the stems are utilized for the planting and not the roots, in contrast to sweet potato, beans, maize, groundnut, and so on. You should now uncover the roots which might be ready to move or for additional handling.


  1. Handling cassava roots:


You can make the accompanying from cassava roots. It relies upon the region you need to bring in cash from, coming up next are the courses you can browse:

Cassava preparing; This is the truly productive business in Zimbabwe.

You can likewise process starch, cassava flour

You ought not to ignore the illnesses that can assault your cassava crops whenever before gathering. They incorporate; root decay illness, (this sickness causes the cassava roots to rot), just as anthrax nose and mosaic ailments.

How profitable is cassava farming in Zimbabwe?

Commercial cassava farming in Zimbabwe has been a very profitable farming venture for Zimbabwean farmers. Cassava tubers which are in very high demand are the raw material for producing ‘garri’ which is a staple food for the Zimbabweans. Cassava farming venture is known for its low input- high output nature.



Cassava planting and reaping take at some point to emerge, so the watchword is “tolerance”. It needs a great deal of coordination, judicious administration of assets, and getting things done at the opportune time.

Be that as it may, a sensible measure of benefit is regularly accomplished. Business cassava cultivating in Zimbabwe is justified, despite all the trouble.

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