Does UCC Offer Agriculture? Everything You Need To Know 2022/2023

The School of Agriculture strives to become a top-tier organization that provides outstanding leadership in agricultural education, engages in cutting-edge research, and creates cutting-edge extension methods. To realize this vision, the School will keep updating its curricula regularly to be responsive to new and emerging challenges in agriculture, recruit and retain outstanding faculty to provide highly relevant and competitive quality agricultural education, research, and extension, and support student success. In all of its initiatives, the School will collaborate with key stakeholders. By implementing its mission and vision, the School of Agriculture seeks to satisfy the needs of local, national, and international agricultural education. It also attempts to satisfy each person’s requirements for agricultural education, extension, research, and training.

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  1. Department of Agricultural Economics and Extension
  2. Department of Agricultural Engineering
  3. Department of Animal Science
  4. Department of Crop Science
  5. Department of Soil Science


  • Teaching
  • Research
  • Community service (Outreach)

Entry Requirements:

WASSCE and SSCE Holders The School of Agriculture offers a 4-year general B.Sc. Agriculture programme for applicants coming in with a WASSCE or SSCE background. To qualify for admission into the programme: Candidates must possess Credit passes (C6 for WASSCE and D for SSCE) in the 3 Core subjects (English Language, Mathematics and Integrated Science/Social Studies) and 3 Elective subjects; In addition, candidates must have Credit passes in three (3) Elective Subjects under any of the options listed below:

OPTION ONE: General Agriculture, Chemistry and any one other Science/Agriculture subject OPTION TWO: Chemistry, Biology and Physics/Elective Mathematics OPTION THREE: Any three subjects from the following Agricultural Science Electives – General Agriculture, Crop Husbandry and Horticulture, Animal Husbandry, Fisheries and Forestry.

Candidates applying under Option Three will, as a School requirement, be considered for admission only after they pass a 6-week Remedial Science Programme organized by the University of Cape Coast during the long vacation period preceding the start of the academic year. The overall aggregate for 6 subjects, under all the options, must not exceed 36 (WASSCE) or 24 (SSCE).Post-Diploma Applicants The School of Agriculture also offers a 3-year Post-Diploma programme leading to the award of a B.Sc. (Agriculture) degree. Successful applicants join the regular B.Sc. (Agriculture) class at Level 200. To qualify for admission into the programme, candidates must satisfy all of the following requirements: Possess a Diploma in Agriculture or a related field, from a recognized University or Polytechnic Must have Credit passes (WASSCE or SSCE) in English Language and Mathematics; OR should have passed the Mature Entrance Examinations organized by the University of Cape Coast.

In addition, candidates are expected to pass a selection interview.Candidates must include with their completed Application Forms, certified copies of all certificates and academic transcripts relevant to their application for verification purposes.

Career Opportunities:

The main goal of the B.Sc. (Agriculture) programme is to produce graduates who are academically skilled, professionally competent and innovative enough to respond to emerging challenges in agriculture and related sectors, and therefore be more marketable.

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