List Of Fish Farming Companies In Ghana- 2022/2023

Fish farming has recently been adopted as a surefire way to meet Ghana’s fish shortage. Therefore, there has been no appreciable increase in annual fish production over the years.

In this article, i have listed briefly the various fish farming in Ghana.

Here is the list of fish Farming companies in Ghana.

Maleka Farms Tilapia Shop

Maleka Farms Limited is found on the Volta river next to the dam. They raise their tilapia fingerlings at their hatchery and ponds. Later on, the tilapia is moved to one of their cages in the river.

They sell river tilapia in several size grades. They sell retail and wholesale. Wholesale fish are sold in half or full crates of 25 kg gutted. In addition, they sell their tilapia lose on the ice. Flaked ice is also available for wholesale buyers.

You can contact them on 0302984545 or visit their website at

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Ainoo-Ansah Farms Ltd.

AINOO-ANSAH FARMS is a Ghanaian-owned enterprise which operates a fish hatchery. It is located at Okyereko near Winneba, Ghana. The farm produces and supplies tilapia fingerlings to fish farmers in six regions of the country. It has also exported tilapia fingerlings to Nigeria and South Africa successfully.

The farm employs tested hatchery technology and equipment from industry leaders and constantly innovates for higher operational efficiency.
You can contact Ainoo Ansah Farms on 0205550001 or visit their website at


Crystal Lake Fish Ltd

Crystal Lake Fish Ltd is an Aquaculture farm located in Dodi Asantekrom.
Crystal Lake Fish Ltd. over the years has made a very huge impact in the field of Aquaculture and general fishing farming activities in Ghana.

We are a nationally recognized, award-winning supplier of fast-growing tilapia fingerlings. Successful fish farms need fast-growing fingerlings, and you can’t compromise on quality. Remember that a “big fingerling” doesn’t make a fast-growing fish! Make sure that you get the best possible stock.
Contact them on 0302817641 or visit their website for further information.

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Cluster Farming Holding Ltd

Cluster Farming Holding Ltd is located in Ekumfi Ekrawfo.

Cluster Farming focuses on agriculture altogether of its aspects. Their major goal is to improve agriculture and to reduce misery with a social-economic approach for the local farmer families.

With the launch of a sustainable Hub Farm on 63 acres in Ekrawfo, Ekumfi District a successful agricultural/aquacultural company has been created. The Hub Farm consists of a catfish hatchery and breeding ponds, a layer chick hatchery, and a feed mill that are under construction.

Their goal is to make a farmer’s cooperation where we’ll train, counsel, and assist the farmer families with the sales of quality products. This will end in a bigger availability of affordable agricultural products for the local market.
Contact Cluster Farming Holding Ltd at 0549162799 or visit their website at


Other fish farming companies in Ghana are;

  • Swaps Farms Ltd, Akim Soabe  (024 474 6005)
  • Alphacross Farms  (024 332 3202)
  • Flodavik Ghana Limited  (054 774 0260)
  • School Farm Accra ( 020 350 0945)
  • Akate Farms & Trading Company Ltd (032 207 1246)
  • Tropo Farms  (054 434 6976)
  • Shore Fresh Limited  (024 930 826)

The above listed are the various fish farming companies in Ghana.

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What is the purpose of fish farming?

Fish farming is the raising of specific species of fish in enclosures or special tanks.

The fish raised on farms are primarily for food, though the objectives of this aspect of aquaculture include more than increasing the seafood supply.

What are the two advantages of fish farming?

controlled water quality.

protection against predators.

other competing species are kept out.

frequent feeding allows for rapid growth.

Which fish is best for farming?

Java, blue, and Nile tilapia are the best species for backyard fish farming. Catfish.

Exceptional taste and hardy resistance to disease and parasites make catfish another good choice for beginning fish farmers. Catfish grow quickly a large fingerling can reach 1 pound within five months.

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