How To Start A Profitable Pig Farming In Kenya – A Comprehensive Guide On How To Start Pig Farming In Kenya

Pig farming in Kenya is a fully profitable agricultural activity, but sadly only a few Kenyans roughly recognize this trade.

The initial funding required to start a pig farm is small compared to the large profits you could enjoy later on, your accommodation and device require little funding to start even though this is mostly based on the breeding machine you need to have interaction in.

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It has a short gestation duration of 114 days that is 3 months, 3 weeks, and 3 days, they mature very early.

It takes 6 to 9 months for a piglet to reach the commercial length of 60 to 90 kg. It is a liquid asset, as it is not absorbed until 12 months before it is offered.

They are non-ruminant animals and belong to their own circle of relatives of the sudae. Pigs belong mainly to the species “sus sacrofa y sus vittatus.

Pig breeds

These are the breeds of pigs, which include:

All these races can be grouped but in 3 more important classes.
A. Type of meat
B. Type of terrain
C. The first Beaverbrook-type baron

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Wild boar – A mature male pig.
Sow – A mature swine woman.
Golden – A piglet has matured to reproduce or has reproduced once.
Pig: the youngest or newborn pig.
Weaned: young pigs simply separated from their mother.
Oilers – Old pigs raised for the market.
Barrow – A neutered male pig.
Parturition – The act of parturition within the pig.
In sow – Pregnant sow.
Dry sow: a sow that is not pregnant.
Pork – The meat of a pig.
1st baron Beaverbrook – A salty pig.
Manteca – Pork with fat.


  • Food source:

Pork is made up of excessively energetic, attractive, nutritious, tasty, and tender proteins.

  • Source of income:

Pigs are raised primarily for meat, pig pores and skin, bristles, and manure. Therefore, in addition to considering them simply as meat producers, their pores, skin, and bristles are useful. Alternatively, they can be offered in cash.

  • Source of employment:

Agriculture, in general, can provide employment for the many unemployed youths in the country.

How many pigs do you need to start a pig farm?

250 sows
we recommends that a farmer start with a herd of 250 sows to make a decent return on investment and cover overheads. Infrastructure needed includes houses for all production stages (mating, farrowing, weaning, growing and finishing) and biosecurity facilities.


The management of pigs from the farm to the duration of the market can be grouped into 3 phases, which are;

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Reproduction at birth:

The breeders are housed in an area consisting of a concrete floor, a low wall, and galvanized iron roof plates. Wild boar and browning must be at least 8 months prior to breeding and for bream, they must have at least twelve suitably spaced, conveniently spaced treats and a correct temperament and must now no longer be obese. Two weeks before mating, females (golden) are dewormed and sprayed with insecticide to kill internal and external parasites.

How many times a year can a pig get pregnant?

Pregnancy lasts for 3 months 3 weeks and 3 days. A well fed sow will produce at least 10 piglets (litter) from each pregnancy and may have 2 litters each year

Piglets at weaning:

Like maxi animals, as the piglet is born, the mucosa is removed from the nostrils to avoid choking. The ship is shrunk and dipped in iodine to save him from contamination and a supply of heat to save him from the cold.

From weaning to finish:

When the piglets grow up, they are moved to the greaser residence, where they are given excellent feed to develop on the market.

How can I make my pig grow faster?

According to a team of experts from UP at Los Baños, adding ascorbic acid or Vitamin C to the diet of pigs — 800 gms. for every kilo of feeds, will make them grow faster compared to those treated with normal diets

How much does a pig eat in 6 months in Kenya?

A pig will eat 0.5kg of food per day for every month it is old, until it hits 6 months. Then it’ll eat 3kg a day forever



Get suitable land for agriculture, this land should be away from residential regions due to an offensive odor coming from pigs.


There are 3 pig farm machines including;
The machine allows pigs to roam freely in search of food and water. The advantage of this machine is that it includes little capital. However, the dangers are that they can touch diseases effortlessly and are exposed to negative weather situations.

Accommodation is provided here, however, pigs can sometimes go outside to feed on herbaceous vegetation. The machine requires much less capital financing, despite the hard work involved.

Intensive machine:
All pigs are stored within a limited building and cannot be transported outside. They are erected on the fences on a grid floor of both iron and concrete. Food, water, and medicines are supplied day by day in adequate quantities and are kept


Out of all the livestock farming alternatives to be had, pig farming isn’t most effective worthwhile however additionally a profitable task is gaining improbable popularity. It is simple to start and hold up with the call for whether or not on a small and big scale. If you propose to exchange into pig farming, right here is what you want to understand approximately being a hit pig farmer in Kenya.

 Commercial Pig Farming in kenya.

How to Start If you need to task into industrial pig farming, you want to land this is big sufficient on your supposed inventory and separate stalls for the boars, sows and piglets. Proper hygiene isn’t optional. Swine fever is the most important hazard to pigs, it clears a whole inventory in some days. Immunize your pigs. Most importantly, 70% of your finances need to awareness of food. Pigs devour loads and get very disturbing on empty stomachs. Pig feeds in Kenya are without problems to be had. You could make your personal via way of means of Simply making ready a combination of maize meal, wheat bran, and fish meal, all to be had in Kenya. Commercial feeds but costly, are counseled sometimes for nutritive reasons.


If you’re venturing into small scale pig farming Kenya as a resident then getting feeds is much less costly. According to Smart farming in Kenya experts, you may arrange for leftover meals from the close-by schools, lodges, and add your personal household.

Consulting an expert is a nice step in the direction of this. With a marketing strategy, you may get to supply for capital from banks and different economic institutions.

Pig Market in Kenya – How Favorable Is It?

The pig farming in Kenya marketplace is already up and running. It’s now no longer a brand new product and has geared up and warranted customers. Usually, the value of a piglet is very high.

Pig Farming in Kenya Revenues – Yes, It Does Pay The amount of cash you’ll get from promoting the pigs maybe double the quantity you’ve got placed into rearing them. In essence, all of it boils right all the way down to what number of pigs you may rear as it’s at once proportional to the in all likelihood revenue.

How much does a pig cost in Kenya?

A month old pregnant Large White sow for instance goes for an average of Sh45, 000 while a Duroc and Hamphire retails at Sh40,000. You can get served sows at an affordable price by visiting a Facebook page Pig Farmer –Kenya. A pig consumes an average of 6 to 8 pounds (3-4kg) of feed per day

Before you begin to earn, you’ll have to exercise patience because the gestation duration in pigs is four months then the piglets take 6 months to mature. Brace yourself nowadays and move on your proportion of this worthwhile pig farming ventures.


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