Equipment Needed For Snail Farming In 2022

Snail farming requires specific equipment.

Snail farming equipment isn’t difficult to get by, and it’s also not prohibitively expensive.

All snails require is a wet, shady environment. You, on the other hand, only require a cage to keep the snails from strolling away.

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So, in this article, we’ll go through all of the things you’ll need to start snail farming.

Some of the items are similar to those needed for long-term snail farming and keeping pet snails.


This write-up will show you how to run a commercial snail farm step by step.

Let’s get started!

Snail farming requires specific equipment.
Use the following items to make managing your snail farm easier and more efficient.

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The following are some of them:

1. Water storage tanks.

Snails require water regularly, thus you must have water in your snail farm at all times.

Having a huge water tank on your farm will ensure that you have access to water at all times.

2. Wheelbarrow

You can easily transport big quantities of snails with a wheelbarrow during harvest.

A wheelbarrow can also be used to transport greater amounts of soil to the farm.

A wheelbarrow is also useful for transporting snail feed from one snail cage to another.

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Especially when the farm is too big for heavy things to be carried around.

3. Weighing scale (small)

A weighing scale is a device used to determine the weight of snails.

Analog weighing scales and, more recently, digital weighing scales are available.

I prefer the digital weighing scale since it provides a more accurate weight measurement in grams for snails.

4. Container for watering

Snails want a damp atmosphere at all times, therefore keeping the snail farm moist at all times.

Snail farming equipment such as watering can be used to spray water into your snail pens.

5. Rake and Shovel.

In your snail farm, you’ll need a shovel to move loam dirt into the snail pen and to change the soil in the snail dwelling.

Shovels are useful in a free-range snail farm for excavating and shifting dirt.

The rake is used to clean the snail farm’s surroundings.

It can also be used to turn the soil in the snail enclosure while looking for eggs beneath the surface.

6. Hand Trowel

A trowel is useful for digging small holes or mixing snail meals.

When it comes to snail farming, another moment when a trowel comes in handy is when you’re incubating your snail eggs.

You move soil around with the trowel to gently cover the eggs so they can hatch.

7. Feeding troughs and water.

Use a feeding trough to serve crushed meals like calcium to snails so that the food does not become soggy in the already damp soil.

A shallow-depth plate can also be used as a feeding or watering dish for snails.

The water trough provides a drinking and bathing area for the snails. Simply ensure sure the snails’ water trough isn’t too deep so they don’t drown.

8. Cutlass and Hoe.

Digging in and around the snail farm is done with a hoe. When looking for snail eggs, you can dig the floor of your snail pen with a hoe.

Hoes and cutlasses are both excellent tools for weeding the snail farm’s habitat and keeping it clean.

9. Plastic containers.

Water and snail food are transported around the snail farm in plastic buckets.

You may also use it to transport snails around your snail pens while sorting them.

10. Plastic spoons and plates (with lid)

Snail eggs should not be picked with your hands to maximize hatchability.

At this point in your snail farming adventure, a plastic spoon becomes useful.

After collecting the eggs, place them in a plastic plate with an appropriate soil mixture for hatching the eggs and close the lid.

11. Water hose and hand sprayer.

The purpose of the hand sprayer is to control pests, whereas the what hose is used to sprinkle water around a huge snail farm.

You may utilize the water hose by attaching a shower cover to one end and connecting the other end to a tap.

This design allows you to easily spray water throughout the snail farm without having to lug large buckets of water or a watering can.

So there you have it. Complete the 11 required items for a snail farming business.

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