[UPDATED] Snail Farming In Ghana | 2023 Guide On How To Start Snail Farming In Ghana

Snail farming in Ghana is one of the maximum beneficial agribusiness ideas for younger farmers in Ghana. Snail farming is a sensible and possible business undertaking completely explored in Ghana.

Snail farming won’t be the primary issue that jumps to thoughts whilst deliberating worthwhile companies to begin in Ghana. This article will open your eyes to the quantity of hidden wealth that may be found with the aid of beginning worthwhile snail farming in Ghana.

Why Snail Farming in Ghana?

The marketplace possibility for snail farming in Ghana is massive but grossly underrated. Snails are a massive part of the weight loss program in lots of elements of Ghana, even though they’re now no longer continually less expensive and to be had all 12 months round. If you rear snails in industrial quantity, hotels, and fast food joints can be your everyday customers.

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In Ghana, the charges for raw, matured snails cross from GHC5 to GHC10 relying on the size. However, the yearly call for snails in Ghana can’t be overemphasized. The worldwide exchange of snails is flourishing. The USA imports are extra than $ 4 million well worth of snails yearly from everywhere in the world, inclusive of Ghana.

For a few years now, snails handpicked from the farm or bush have been the simplest manner to get snails to the marketplace and dinner table. Currently, the call for snails is better than the supplies, an illustration that the marketplace capacity of snails is inexhaustible, domestically, and internationally. Starting each small and big-scale snail farming company most simply to refill the areas among the call for snails and its delivery in Africa.

How to Start Snail Farming In Ghana

Below are the 5 primary steps you want to observe to begin a worthwhile snail farming business in Ghana.

Step 1 – Decide which species of snail to farm.

When developing a snail farm, you must use an unmarried species of snail. Research has proven that snail species which include Achatina are first-class for hot weather areas like Ghana.

Step 2 – Set up your housing.

Your snail housing needs to have sufficient area for your snails to graze freely. Overcrowding your snails impedes the improvement of snails and consequently needs to be avoided. A nicely-spaced snail housing reduces the hazard of sickness outbreaks due to overcrowding.

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Snails are excellent at escaping from where they’re kept so you need to endeavor to assemble break-out evidence housing. You can use a pen residence to be spacious and on hand with a soil intensity of 10 inches and timber around it.

Step 3 – Purchase your snail

If you need to begin a snail farm, you’ll want to get snails. After setting up the right housing and farmland for the snails, it’s time to shop for a few clean exceptional snails from the marketplace or any farm. It’s continually first-class so that you can study the snails earlier than you purchase them so you understand they’re healthy.

When you first begin your snail farm, you’ll need to get healthy, completely grown snails with a view to lay eggs and assist populate your farm. Look at the shell of the snail. If there may be a lip, which means they’re a grown snail.

Step 4 – Feeding and rearing of the snails

Snails are vegetarians and may be fed with extensive styles of meals which include cabbage, cucumber, mango, banana, eggplant, pear, tomato and paw-paw, cassava, okra leaves, or lettuce. However, you may as nicely feed snails with pineapple, banana, or pawpaw.

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Mating and laying eggs are a crucial part of snail farming. Typically, mating takes place all through spring and summer. As hermaphrodites, snails can fertilize every difference as quickly as they’re mature sufficient. For the egg-laying to move over smoothly, you need to use fantastic soil with the proper temperature and humidity.

Step 5 – Harvesting and promoting the snails

It isn’t always economically smart to reap your snails earlier than their maturity, it needs to be mature earlier than harvesting. Do now no longer harvest all of the matured snails immediately to promote within the marketplace. It is critical to maintain a few for breeding and to function base inventory on your snail farm.

Snail has an excellent marketplace call for and price. You can effortlessly promote snails within the neighborhood marketplace. The snail meat-eating fee is developing very speedily across the globe. So, exporting within the worldwide marketplace could make you extra money.

You can contact agriman farm innovations to start your snail farm with as low as Ghc4000. See the picture below for details.


Agriman farm innovations

Cost of Starting A Snail Farming In Ghana

The obligatory charges you want to account for in case you’re thinking of a way to install a snail farm include housing, shopping for clean snails, feeding, managing, and processing the snails, marketing, and transportation.

You can begin the enterprise with GHc1000 relying on how big you need your snail farm to be. Agriman Farm Innovations can also help you to start with Ghc4000. This is a complete package. Asides from the quantity of your investment, it’s far more feasible to supply a million snails now really well worth extra than GHc10,000 two times 12 months.

This is made feasible due to the provision of very noticeably prolific Achatina achatina species of snails, which lay two hundred – four hundred in a single batch of two-3 instances in 12 months. If you produce 100,000 snails that promote GHc5 every, that’s GHC5 X 100,000, you may be making ghc500,000. You can be making GHC500,000 consistent with annum or extra than that in case you produce a million snails.

For beginners, developing a snail farming marketing strategy is a vital step that desires to be achieved earlier than the beginning. This will provide you with a deep knowledge of the entirety that desires to be done.


In phrases of price and time, snail farming in Ghana is a low-risk enterprise. Unlike many different cattle companies, snail farming calls for little or no startup and working costs. You may even set up your snail farm outdoors of your private home to shop prices on the acquisition of farmland.

The first-class time to begin snail farming in Ghana is the wet season in particular from July to October due to the fact this is the time snails usually begin to breed. You need to additionally be aware that charges of snails multiply all through shortage between March and December, that’s the dry season.

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