Here Is The List Of Top 4 Pig Farms In Ghana-Read now

Find out the top 4 pig farms in Ghana in this guide

The potential of pig farming has yet to be fully realized and it will take a conscientious effort from all pig farmers to make things work fully. The pig industry in Ghana is not as organized and most farmers labor to finish, leaving little room for specialization. I think that in the near future, after some of us have established a good foundation, pig farming would be very well structured.

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Below is the list of the top 4 pig farms in Ghana. Their details are simplified in this article.


This company was Established in the  year 2006 with about  51-100 employees The Company is  managed by Miss Elizabeth Ansu.

Ansu farms is located in the 920 palace Avenue-DROBO BRONG AHAFO-, Berekum.

The  company is specialized in egg production and sales and we are the largest egg producer in the Jaman District (Drobo). If you are a Retailer or wholesaler, we can help you meet your egg needs.
 Below are the contact details of Ansu farms
Phone Number


This company was established in the  year 2018 with about 1-5 employees. The Company is located in Dansonman, Accra and is being managed by Joseph Nana Osei Owusu. For years, the possibility of a rabbit farming industry was overlooked by many, due to the preconceptions that Ghanaians have about rabbit farming and meat.
You can contact Anwaah Animal farms in the details below:
P. O. Box DS 1782 Dansonman, Accra
Phone Number
Mobile phone


This company was established in the  year 2017 with about  6-10 employees. They are located in Dzorwulu, Accra Ghana. Accra Farms is a farming company focused on sustainable agriculture. We currently farm rabbits, honey bees, guinea pigs and grasscutter.

You can contact Accra farms in the details below

Phone Number
055 781 9497


This farm is located in Gyampomani near Osino in the Eastern Region. Tako Farms is one of Ghana’s best supplier of quality livestock & farm produce. We do poultry farming, pig farming, tilapia farming, to cocoa and palm nut farming. This farm was established in the  year 2000 with about 11-15  employees.
You can contact Tako farms (GH) Limited in the contact below:
Phone Number
050 339 7011
Mobile phone
050 339 6158

Is pig farming profitable?

Today I was asked this question by a future pig farmer. Is pig farming really profitable? I took a deep breath before I could give him an answer. Pig farming is profitable based on how you manage the following
• Breeding
• Feeding
• Managements
• Markets
The career you start with can make or break you. I know of two farmers who have imported their breeders from Australia and the UK, respectively. The Nungua herd and college farm breeds also come from a very good parental strain. Your race should be able to turn the food you give them into meat.

The feed conversion ratio of pigs is 3-4: 1, which means that when a pig consumes 3-4 kg of feed, it is expected to gain 1 kg of meat. If that doesn’t happen, you should know that something is wrong.
Management is another factor that can prevent you from achieving your pig farming goals. Being an absent farmer is a great challenge. However, your farm should not be too far from where you reside. The type of care you give your pets largely determines their success.

why pork is relatively expensive in Ghana

Pork is priced higher in Ghana than in Nigeria, even though the prices of corn and soybean cake are much higher in Nigeria than in Ghana. A pound of live weight pork costs $ 2.5 – $ 3.0 in Ghana, while in Nigeria it costs $ 1.5 – $ 1.75
The price difference is due to the fact that our Nigerian brothers operate at a different level.

Most have more than 50 sows on their farm. Therefore, the economy of scale favors them. In Ghana, however, the opposite exists. Only a few farms can boast more than 40 sows. The inefficiency in the system is quite high and until we get the right foundation and expand. It will be very difficult for us to increase the demand with a lower price.

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