How Much Does It Cost To Start A 1000-Layer Production Line With A Deep Litter System – 2022


Poultry farming is a profitable business in Africa and around the world. The creation of layers, in particular, is particularly profitable. As with any other business, some money must be invested in order to achieve this.

How much money do you require to get started?

We’ll look at how much money you’ll need to start layering. For the first six months of production, the prices cover the fundamentals needed to establish a 1000 bird layer production beneath the deep litter system. These are the expenses even before your birds begin to lay eggs for you to earn money. The amounts are given in Ghana Cedis (GHC) with the equivalent amount in US dollars ($).

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A minimum of one acre in a suitable location is recommended. The first 1000 birds may not be allowed to use the entire space. It will, however, allow for future growth and will place the houses at a safe distance from other farms and structures.

GHC10,000.00 ($1,541.04)

Housing for poultry.

7 meters by 30 meters is the suggested size for a 1000 bird poultry coop. This results in a total area of 210m2. These dimensions, on the other hand, can be changed to obtain the desired area. The sum represents the expected price of all materials and labor required to raise the construction from the foundation to the roof. In a later piece, we’ll go over the specific costs.

GHC22,000.00 ($3,390.29)

Drinkers and Feeders

Feeders, drinkers, and laying boxes are examples of equipment. At GHC33.00, you’ll need approximately 15 drinkers, and at GHC80.00, you’ll need about 30 feeders. Metal feeders and plastic drinkers are on the table (10litre capacity).

GHC3,895.00 (about $600.235)

For the feeders and drinkers, you can use less expensive materials such as wood and large plastic containers. In this regard, a variety of creative approaches utilizing locally accessible resources have been explored, some of which have cost nothing. Just make sure the feed and water aren’t contaminated by the birds.

Boxes for laying out.

The cost of 1000-bird laying boxes with divisions is approximately GHC1,000.00.

GHC1,000.00 (US$154.104)

System of water supply.

This cost varies depending on the water source. In this scenario, we’re thinking about a situation where you’ll need to dig a mechanized borehole with a 3000 litre elevated water tank.

GHC16,000.00 ($2,465.66)

You may use a cheaper source of clean water if you have one.


In this situation, you have the option of making your own feed or purchasing one that has already been mixed. The predicted total amount you may spend on feed during the first six months of output is included in the costing.

GHC39,000.00 ($6,010.05)


Vaccines, vitamins, dewormers, and antibiotics are used to prevent, control, and improve egg production in chicken. Vaccination schedules are available to follow. The veterinary officer may prescribe further drugs. This is merely a guess based on experience. For the first six months, I’m estimating a GHC2.00 prescription expense per bird…

GHC2,000.00 (US$30.208)

Chicks who are only a day old
The price of day-old chicks varies depending on the breed of layer and whether they are domestic or imported. The native ones are produced by local hatcheries, while the foreign ones are imported from Europe. Local ones range from GHC5 to GHC8, while international ones range from GHC9 to GHC12. To be safe, we take the average of the highest costs. But don’t be alarmed. So, for a thousand dollars,

GHC10,000.00 ($1,541.04)

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Given the amount of work needed, one person should be able to handle 1000 birds. Good lodging and eating are recommended as motivational tools. On most farms nowadays, an average wage of GHC500.00 is the norm. So, during the first six months, we estimate this.

GHC3,000.00 (US$462.312)


The most important ones have already been mentioned. There are a few things you should think about. Heaters for brooding day-old chicks could be among them. Heat can be provided in a variety of methods for day-old chicks. You are free to utilize whatever method is most comfortable for you and the birds. Brooder house, farmhouse, electric debeakers, and whatever else you think you’ll need according on your budget.

GHC106,895.00/$16,472.9 TOTAL COST ESTIMATE

These statistics may differ depending on the area and materials used. In many cases, alternative methods can be used to obtain comparable results.

In future posts, we’ll look at;

Broiler and cockerel cost breakdown.
Profits/benefits from the creation of 1000 layers.
All you need to know about starting a chicken business on a shoestring budget.

Please share your thoughts on the subject as well as the costs in your country or region.

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