List Of Poultry Farming Equipment And Their Use – A Comprehensive Guide

Poultry farming is a very lucrative aspect of animal husbandry. To make the most of the poultry business, there are several facilities required.

For those who are planning to start a poultry business or are still planning, this article will be invaluable to you. It is also important to know that this article is a continuation of our Poultry Business Plan publication. Without wasting time, below is a complete list of poultry equipment and its uses.

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What equipment is needed for poultry farming?

In this article, you will know the List of poultry equipment and its use.

1. Water equipment

  •  pan and jar type.

Bottles of this type are round in nature and have two compartments, i. Y. Water-filling container and water-frying pan.

  • Plastic / wooden / GI water pool with a mesh

Pools of different diameters (10 “, 12”, 14 “and 16” in diameter) are available.

There is a separate grid to keep the birds out of the water.

  • Automatic bell drinker

They are made of bell-shaped high-impact plastic, usually hung from a separate tube for this purpose.

This type of sprayer controls the water flow and always maintains the required water level.

A constant flow of water will be ensured, ensuring that the birds have water throughout the day.

The height at which the water is present can be easily adjusted via a simple clamp, and the water flow can be adjusted by a valve (attached to the spring). Plastic bottles will be colored (red, blue) and should therefore attract layers, especially chicks, to the water.

Number of bell drinkers = 1.3 * (perimeter of the watering place)


  • Nipple drinker

It can be used both in the garbage and in the cages.

When used in a deep garbage system, it is secured with a cup under the nipple to avoid wetting the garbage material.

These drinkers look like a nipple, and when pressed, drops of water appear.

They can be used for all types and classes of birds, but are most commonly used for the cage.

A nipple drinker is sufficient in each cage with 3 layers.

Nipple drinker

  • Manual drinker

If the chickens are in the first week of the transition, hand drinks are more commonly used.

They also called them “fountain drinkers” because in the case of a fountain the water comes out of the holes.

The main benefit of hand drinking is that vitamins and other probiotics / drugs / vaccines can be administered through water.

You can buy hand drinks in bright colors (red or blue) from high impact plastic.

Arrangement of the troughs at an equal distance of 0.6 m between two troughs, the trough and the trough.

manual drinker


2. Power equipment

Feeders are equipment used to feed poultry. The food is placed in the feeder and the birds feed on it. The number of feeding troughs for poultry farming should correspond to the available number of birds. It is important that the feeders are always clean to ensure the health of the birds.

  • Linear power supply

Different sizes of line power supplies with protections are available.

Number of linear feeders = (2 * Feeder length) ÷ Feeder space with all measurements cm.

also adjust the height of the seats.

Linear feeders are usually made of galvanized iron. However, it can also be made of any locally available material such as wood, bamboo and so on.

It must include stability and height adjustment provisions that include a power supply.

Birds can stand on either side of the linear feeder.

Total energy supply area = 2 * length.

Linear Feeder

  • Ring/ circular feeder

They are semi-automatic feeders and can hold 5 to 7 kg of feed in a cone at a time.

The feed is slowly lowered to the bottom by gravity.

It can also be attached to electrical outlets to prevent waste.

They are made of high plastic and are usually hung for this purpose from the roof / roof truss or from a separate pipe.

Circular Feeder

They are also called “hanging feeders”.

These feeders come in a variety of containers, and when they are completely full, the feed will last for 4-7 days, depending on age and the number of feeds.

The height that can be used can be easily adjusted using a simple locking mechanism.

Plastic feeders will be brightly colored (red or blue in general) and should therefore attract layers, especially chicks, to feed.

  1. suspended feeders = 1.3 * (Volume of feeder space), measured in cm.

A suspended feeder can accommodate 30% more birds than a linear feeder.

  • Hull-shaped grit box

It is used to provide bird shell groats as an additional source of calcium.

  • Automatic feeder

In the case of an automatic feeder, feed must be supplied the full length of the house in specially designed feeders with screw or chain devices to transfer the feed from the feed boxes to the other end.

They are electrically operated and the height of the feeder can be adjusted according to the age of the birds.

  • Heaters or breeders

It is very important that the temperature of the coop is regulated especially in cold weather. A heater or cattery is equipment used to regulate and raise the temperature of a chicken coop. This helps the birds keep warm in cold weather.

  • Charcoal / kerosene stove

They are used in places where there is no electricity or it is not expensive and where power outages are quite common.

These ovens are covered with plates or pans to keep the heat in the transition zone.

  • Gas broiler

Natural gas, liquefied petroleum gas, or methane is connected to a heating element hung 3 to 5 feet above the chicken to provide heat.


It is fixed with roof reflectors to reflect heat back to the chicks.

  • Infrared bulbs

It is a self reflective bulb, so you don’t need a reflector above the bulbs.

The 150 and 250 watt bulbs can be supplied to heat 150 and 250 chickens respectively.


  • Reflectors / hangers

These reflectors are called hovers.

These are heat and light reflectors.

These hangers are plates with a heating element, a heating mechanism and an indicator light, and in some cases there is also a thermometer to record the temperature.

They are usually attached with supports on all four corners rather than hung from the roof.

Other poultry equipment and their use

  • Incubator

It is a tool used to hatch eggs. An egg hatchery with an incubator can be described as a means of unnaturally hatching eggs. These tools can be used when there are many eggs for hatching.

  • Box for chicks

A chicken box is a piece of equipment in which yard birds are kept for spawning. A wrapped egg tray is attached to it so that when the eggs are laid, they roll down and the birds do not climb on the eggs. This particular equipment helps prevent egg damage.

  • Flying case

A fly trap is equipment used to control the number of flies around a poultry farm. Help the poultry farmer reduce the number of flies in poultry.

  • Rubber finger of the poultry picking machine

This is the equipment used for the chicken spice machine. These rubber fingers are attached to the bottom and side plate of the sauce machine to raise a lot of experienced chickens in a short time.

  • Egg tray

This is the equipment used for spawning. Like the name, it is a tray-shaped piece of equipment in which eggs are placed for sampling.

  • Bird incubator controller

The Poultry Incubator Controller is the equipment used to control the incubator and timer. Incubator temperature and humidity conditions are displayed.

  • Cooler

A ventilation fan is a piece of equipment used to ensure maximum ventilation in poultry houses. It is also equipment used to reduce the temperature of the poultry farm during the hot season.

  • Laying the socket

The spawning nest is another piece of equipment that helps birds lay eggs. One of the advantages of this equipment is that it increases the productivity of poultry eggs.

  • Egg scale

This is the equipment used to weigh the weight of the eggs. Help the poultry farmer learn about the eggs that are fertile enough for the hatchery, as it is believed that an underweight egg does not have what it takes to form a chicken.

  • Egg washing machine

An egg washing machine is a device that uses a powder called egg cleaners. Add water to the egg washing machine, then add the egg detergent. It is used to wash eggs before delivery.

  • Pots and water drinkers

Clean water is needed for the growth and digestion of poultry, just like humans. Therefore, drinking troughs are equipment used to supply water to birds. It is necessary to ensure that drinkers are washed regularly to prevent disease.

  • Cages and Coop

This poultry equipment is used to keep yard birds. Stables and cages are poultry equipment suitable for small poultry farming.

  • Changing machine


This is the equipment used for bird feathers after slaughter. Using the sauce makes chicken spices lighter, cleaner and more hygienic.

Finally, it is very important to use protective clothing for people. To prevent the transmission of birds to humans or birds, special protective clothing such as hair caps, disposable sleeves, shoes and overalls are required. In addition, it is important to make sure that the visitor disinfects their hands before touching the birds.

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