Yam Farming In Ghana – Useful guide

Agriculture in Ghana encompasses a wide range of agricultural products and is a well-established economic sector that employs both formal and informal workers.

Ghana produces a wide range of crops in climatic zones ranging from dry savanna to wet forest, which run east-west across the country. Agriculture in Ghana is based on agricultural crops such as yams, grains, cocoa, oil palms, kola nuts, and timber.

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In Ghana, how do you plant yam?

Yam is grown in a variety of ways.
Seed yam or cut setts from ware tubers are used to plant. To avoid damage to the soils, the tubers must be treated with wood ash or a fungicide (thiabendazole) one day before planting.

With the cut face facing up, the setts are planted at 15–20 cm (5.9–7.9 in) intervals.

Which month is the best for planting yams In Ghana?

Seed yams (pieces of tubers or fully little ones) saved for the upcoming planting season are best planted in mounds or ridges between February and March. Land preparation, clearing and burning of grasses, piling, and ridging, however, are done earlier in some locations, particularly in riverine areas.

When it comes to growing Ghana yam, how long does it take?

Time to plant/sprout:

– The crop’s planting and sprouting period can be utilized to determine whether it is mature. Early maturing types need 7–9 months to mature after planting, whereas late maturing kinds can be harvested after 9–12 months.

Is yam cultivated in Ghana?

Yam is a main food crop in Ghana, and it is grown all around the country.

What part of the yam is used in the planting process?

Yam planting material is often a mix of cut tubers and entire tubers in this method, with the cut portions made up of setts from the tuber’s head, middle, and tail sections.

What is the best way for me to start a yam farm?

Land/Soil Preparation is the process of preparing the land or soil. If you have a one-hectare plot of land, you will need to prepare the soil before planting the yam seeds.

Make sure your Setts are in good shape. Setts must be properly prepared.

Yams should be planted.


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