Breeds of Poultry that Produce the Best Eggs and Meat

If you’re starting a poultry farm for the first time, you should realize that the breed of fowl you choose is crucial.

The sort of chicken breed you choose for your poultry farming operation will be determined by your goals.

Or, to put it another way, it will depend on whether you want to produce an egg, meat, or both types of chicken goods.

There are hundreds of high-yielding poultry breeds available all over the world from which to choose.

While some birds are known for being prolific egg layers, others are known for producing meat.

At the same time, several fowl breeds are known for producing both meat and eggs.

In this article, you’ll learn about the three major types of poultry breeds and how they differ in terms of productivity.

This information will help you choose the best poultry breeds for your farm.

Let’s get this party started if you’re up for it.

Chicken poultry breeds are classified based on their productivity.
This poultry breed categorization refers to the grouping of all types of chickens based on their productivity and commercial value.

While some of these varieties excel at generating meat, others excel at laying eggs.

The fourth category of poultry breeds is capable of producing both meat and eggs.

The more particular a breed, though, the better.

This indicates that if a chicken breed is bred specifically for meat production, it will grow to have more flesh and higher carcass weight.

If a poultry breed is specifically bred for egg production, it will produce more eggs per year than any other breed.

As a result of the preceding debate, we can divide poultry breeds into three divisions or categories.

Breeds of chicken that lay a lot of eggs (layers) or breeds that lay a lot
Breeds that produce meat, such as broilers or meat-producing breeds

Poultry Breeds with Multiple Functions

1. Chicken Breeds That Produce Eggs (Layers or Egg-Producing Chickens)

If you’re a chicken farmer interested in starting an egg-producing business, one of these breeds should be on your list.

Leghorn, Minorca, Ancona, Fayoumi, Isa brown, Babcock, Star cross, Lohmann, and other high-egg-producing breeds include Leghorn, Minorca, Ancona, Fayoumi, Isa brown, Babcock, Star cross, Lohmann, and others.

The finest breeds for egg production are layer chickens or egg prolific breeds, which lay more eggs than other types.

Almost all commercial layer poultry breeds begin laying eggs between the ages of five and six months.

They’ve been laying about 275 to 300 eggs per year since then.

Some strains have been known to lay up to 330 eggs every year.

Layers of poultry breeds’ characteristics
In comparison to other poultry breeds, layer chickens are lighter.
They mature sexually sooner than other breeds.
Layers do not sit on their eggs as much as they need to incubate them. As a result, they keep producing additional eggs.
This group of poultry breeds begins laying eggs at the age of five to six months.
They are extremely efficient at converting food into eggs.
Chickens that lay eggs have less fat in their bodies.
Their ability to produce eggs is high.
The most fascinating fact about them is that they lay large eggs.

2. Meat-Producing Poultry Breeds (Broilers or Meat-Producing Poultry Breeds)

Broiler chicks are the best choice for farmers who wish to start a business producing poultry meat in huge quantities.

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Scarbro, Plymouth Rock, Cornish, Sussex, Brahma, Hy-line, Rose broiler, Asil, Cochin, and other commercial broiler breeds are among the best.

Broiler chicken breeds are ideal for solely meat production since their meat is extremely tender and delicious.

They also acquire weight quickly, weighing approximately 2 to 2.5 kg at 7 to 8 weeks of age and eating roughly 4 kg of food.

This indicates that broiler chicken breeds are ready for commercialization after only 8 weeks of rearing.

Broiler or meat-producing poultry breed characteristics

Broilers are significantly heavier than other poultry breeds in their age group.
These birds may still be able to lay eggs, but they do not incubate them.
Broiler chicken breeds are very efficient at turning food into meat.
Commercial broiler breeds mature quickly and reach market size in a short amount of time.
This breed has a lot of fat in its bodies.
As previously stated, this breed’s egg production capacity is extremely poor.
Broilers tend to grow very large and command high market prices.

3. Poultry Breed with Multiple Functions
The dual-purpose poultry breeds are typically kept by homesteaders.

This is due to the convenience of having meat and eggs from the same birds.

New Hampshire, Australorp, Rhode Island Red, Plymouth, and other dual-purpose breeds are among the most popular for both meat and egg production.

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Dual-purpose poultry breeds may lay a sufficient number of eggs while also becoming large enough to eat.

Dual-purpose poultry breeds’ characteristics

  • These breeds of fowl are medium in size.
  • They are hefty.
  • The hatching of eggs by dual-purpose poultry breeds may be on the rise.
  • They do, however, lay fewer eggs than egg-producing varieties.
  • They also have a healthy fat ratio in their bodies.
  • This breed has a lot of growth potential.
  • They also mature at a rapid rate.


Choosing the correct chicken breed, depending on the type of poultry farming business you wish to start, is critical to your success.

You can choose from three different sorts of poultry breeds based on their productivity or commercial application.

If you want to start a poultry egg company, you can consider raising layers of chicken.

If you’re raising broilers for meat, you should choose one of the commercial broiler breeds.

The dual-purpose poultry breed, which produces both eggs and meat, is the final option.

I hope this article has helped you decide which breed to choose for your chicken farming operation.

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