How To Start A Profitable Ostrich Farming In South Africa – 2022

What Is the Best Way to Start an Ostrich Farm in South Africa?

You will get an answer to this question from this guide.

An ostrich farm can produce income in a variety of ways.
Although cows and maize are frequently the first images that come to mind when thinking about farms, there are many other sorts of farms. Ostrich farming is a type of agriculture with numerous benefits. Ostriches, according to Mother Earth News, generate meat and utilize resources at a considerably higher profit margin than beef cattle. An ostrich farm requires very little land and can create income in a variety of ways.

1. Decide which ostrich products to sell to generate income for the farm. Ostrich meat and skin are two typical sources of income for ostriches. Ostrich eggs and feathers can also be sold without the need for the bird to be slaughtered.

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2. select a suitable piece of land for the ostrich farm. Ostriches need one to three acres of land to run around and stay healthy. Construct a modest shelter to shield the birds from the elements, as well as a fence to keep the ostriches from fleeing.

3. Ensure that the ostrich farm has a sufficient supply of food and water. Each day, large birds might consume several liters of water. Make sure the water is always fresh. Purchase an ostrich feed that has been particularly prepared to meet the nutritional needs of ostriches. Plant grains and grasses for the ostriches to eat instead.

4. Select an ostrich breed to raise. The three main types of ostriches are red neck, blue neck, and African black. Ostriches with red necks and blue necks are huge and aggressive, but African blackbirds are smaller and easier to handle. For first-time farm operators, the African black ostrich is frequently recommended.

5. Get a couple of ostriches for the farm. Unhatched eggs, juvenile chicks, and adult ostriches are all available. Unhatched eggs and early chicks are generally affordable, but raising them effectively takes a significant amount of time and experience. Adult ostriches can produce new eggs quickly, although they are more expensive to buy at first.

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