Animal Farming In Ghana – Which Animal Farming In Ghana Is Profitable?

Livestock farming is an important part of Ghana’s agricultural economy. Both ruminants and non-ruminants are raised in Ghana

Small farms are a great way to eliminate unemployment in Ghana. People who are not suitable for anyone can easily make money from it.

We were asked a lot about the most lucrative and friendly for beginners. Here is a list of small farm animals that are easy to raise, that do not depend on climate and weather, and that does not require much effort.

Which Animal Farming Is Profitable In Ghana?

Here we tried to choose profitable and beginner-friendly animals. This means that they are moderately protected from disease, and food is easy to find in the area and requires little investment. The breading process is also easy, so you can gradually increase your farming.

This article, Listed the most common small animals that are reared in Ghana which can make you rich.

The most common list of small animals in Ghana

There are different types of animals you can use to start your farm. These farming methods are most often applied in the garden, in yards, on lawns, near fields.

Animals that can be raised in these locations can be used on the farm. There are four-legged animals, chickens, ducks, quails, bees, worms, alpacas, and more.

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Now I have to say …

This is a smart move for people who are new to agriculture. As a result, they can easily gather ideas about labor, costs, income, land, and agricultural infrastructure. It’s more like a test for beginners, if they go to the square with a big budget and a lack of knowledge, then there’s a good chance they won’t make the first test.

In the village, small farms are the ancestral culture. In cities, this is rare because most farms depend on food needs and high incomes. But some people do it out of passion or hobby. If the number of animals increases, they are sold on the market. In a sense, small farms are a great source of income to meet nutritional needs.

Small urban products are in high demand in urban areas. Because all pets are raised without any unhealthy food additives. People want everything organic, and these farms are the best providers for it.

Starting a small farm isn’t hard if you like it. And if you have a plan, it will be fun and profitable.

If you are going to collect farm animals, it will be easy. But don’t forget to equip and train you before and after. Animals are sensitive, they need care, food, and a comfortable and friendly place to grow.

In addition, more than one animal is raised. But if you are just starting your life or living in a bad environment or the weather is too cold or hot, then start from that.

Let’s start digging a list of small farm animals.


Chickens are versatile animals for different purposes. Provide meat, eggs, and even the feces used as fertilizer on the land. On top of that, it does not require much attention, which makes them a valued small farm animal.

Taking care of chicken is very easy. Creativity does not need much space. Space should be dry and have enough food and water.

If chickens eat leftover food, weeds, compost, do not eat much. However, internal meals are also required for extra meals.

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Chickens are susceptible to rats, falcons, mangoes, and carnivorous predators, so their accommodation or community must be very safe. Damp weather can cause disease, so be careful with the weather. If the chicken is affected by the disease, separating it from another cause, chances are it is spreading widely throughout the enterprise.

Chickens are some of the best animals for small farms. The focus should be on eggs, not meat, as most dishes are prepared with eggs. Therefore, eggs have the highest market value.

Some of the chickens you can raise on your farm include spring chicken, red bourbon turkey, Orpington chicken, Narragansett turkey, and more.


The best choice for smallholder farmers. In addition, it is easy to start a profitable goat business from scratch. They take up less space than cows. He can sail on the stands of small trees, clear the fields. In addition, 65% of people worldwide eat goat meat. Goat milk and cheese are also very much needed in the markets.

The list of goat feed is simple. You can rely on hay, vegetables, grass, and grains. Since goats adapt to poor grazing, you do not have to worry about the quality of their soil. Goats are prone to diseases and therefore reduce your costs again.

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Although goats benefit from the annual health check.

In addition, you can earn extra money by renting goats to other people. Because there are large vegetable eaters, people rent out their vegetation.

Since the goats escaped perfectly from the farm, the fences must be perfect in this regard.



Unlike chickens, ducks are one of the animals that can be farmed on a small scale. It requires little maintenance and less area for nursing. Because ducks are loving and cheerful creatures, they are easy to care for.

Because ducks can withstand hot or cold temperatures, there is no need to worry about the weather. Ducks, on the other hand, eat chunks, leftovers, weeds, and nasty bugs, making it easier to meet their nutritional needs.

Ducks lay larger eggs than chickens, and the egg yolk ratio is higher than that of chickens. These eggs contain more protein and nutrients. Ducks are also a good source of meat and have a huge demand in the market. Adult heavy breeds can live healthy and long lives.

If we compare the duck to the chicken, there is not much difference. If anyone wants to spend their effort or time, he can farm with ducks and chickens. This will save a lot of space and can be profitable in the short term.


There is no need to talk about the role of the cow on a small farm. Cows are a great source of milk, fresh meat. The leather can also be sold at the factory. The market price of meat is higher than that of chicken or any other animal. Cows eat pasture and grass, which reduces feed costs.

But after all that, there’s a point that makes everyone think twice about cows on a small farm. And it’s a spacious area. You need at least a plow to see a cow. Also, if you don’t know how to handle a cow, it will be difficult to manage your farm.

It is now necessary to raise calves. Today, calves are another bull or daily. So the most important thing is to take care of newborn calves.

Along with all these requirements, a barn with enough food and water is needed to protect the cows from the cold in winter.

But organic beef and dairy farming can be good choices.


Bees are wonderful creatures for this farming. Unlike other animals, it requires little maintenance because it is profitable. In addition, several people in our community are engaged in this profession.

But beekeeping is a little more difficult for some people. It takes a lot of knowledge about their properties to move the hive, gives, and feed.

To get started, you need gloves, a bee pack, hive boxes, water, and sugar.

The best thing about bees is that you don’t have to buy them. They are teeming with spring, and to catch them, you need to use gloves, bee packs, and sugar water. Bees are not bad animals to keep. With the right guidelines and handling methods, this will be easier to manage.

But getting everything started can cost a bit, but it is not incomparable with the result you are going to achieve.

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Bees not only supply us with honey but also pollinate crops in the ecosystem. Honey and beeswax can be used with food for lip balms and candles. In addition, you can rent hives from other farmers.

Wild animals such as bears, squirrels, opossums, rats, raccoons, and stinkers can harm your hive. Because it’s a light food for them. It is, therefore, necessary to protect the hive area.


Although pigs smell bad and are more uncomfortable, they are reared, resulting in a large amount of meat. Most human farms stand still and have less grazing space, causing pigs to decompose. There should be an open space for pigs. This way, the pigs will not be messy and smelly.

Pigs eat maize, feed, bread, milk, and all kinds of leftovers. But pigs eat much more than any other animal. The food supply must therefore be adequate.

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You can get enough pork in just one year, which is a huge advantage of pork farming.

Like goats, pigs should have a well-fenced area. Due to the strong muscular body, there is a possibility that they may break through a weak fence.



Rabbits are small, easy to handle, and do not require much space to find, which makes them suitable for this type of small farm.

Setting up a modern rabbit farm requires little investment and is popular.

Rabbit meat contains few calories and protein, which is why it is needed in the market. Wife excrement is considered a big mistake. Even some people want rabbits to be pets. After you have consumed the necessities, you can therefore sell some of these rabbits to people who like animals.

Hay, vegetables, grains, fruits, grass, etc. There is the ideal food for rabbits. In addition, some food purchased in the store can be fed to rabbits.

Most small farm animals need fences or spacious land, but for rabbits, huts are the best choice. It can be built or bought in stores.



In small farms, sheep and goats have a lot in common. They need the same relationship space. Both produce meat and milk, although sheep’s milk is more nutritious than goat’s.

With all these similarities, these two farms also have some differences. Previously, we knew that goats could be adapted for improper grazing. But sheep need to graze. Where goats can be reared with little care, sheep are much more careful than other animals.

However, sheep supply wool, which is in high demand in the clothing sector. Selling wool can be profitable.

Sheep eat alfalfa hay, grass, pasture, silage, hay, and more. Which is easy to submit.

Sheep should be kept close to home to protect them from predators.

Final words

After all these discussions, we learned that a small farm structure means low maintenance, low food costs, sensitive animals, and good results.

A goat along with bees, sheep, rabbits, and ducks is a valued cattle.

It produces basic results like other animals but is protected from disease. What is not in most animals. Further poor pasture does not disturb the goats. This is another reason why they should occupy the top branch of small farms.

Small farmers are less privileged in society. They add a lot of income to the country’s economy. Therefore, the government, social workers, residents must work together or support their actions. Small farms not only eliminate unemployment but also create jobs that reduce poverty. In a sense, these farming methods force people to be self-employed so that they can enjoy their freedom of life.

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